Mini-Documentary Coming Soon

On October 26th, my biology class got to talk with Dr.Archie, a doctor who works at Notre Dame. She and my class are learning about baboons.  We focus on baboon’s microbiomes and how their social interactions may affect their microbiomes.  Dr. Archie has done studies in Amboseli National Park, in Africa.  That is where the two groups of baboons we study are located.

Below, there are pictures of Dr.Archie and the baboons she studied while in Amboseli Park.

We visited her at the Galvin Life Science Center on the Notre Dame campus to hear about her discoveries she made in Amboseli Park.

The first activity we did was watch a little presentation Dr.Archie made about what she has learned and the history behind her baboon research. After that, we were split into two groups. One group stayed and learned about how to identify organisms through their DNA patterns and alleles.  The other group went to the Jordan Hall of Science. There we got to view parasites and bacteria that are in baboon feces with microscopes.

This is the Jordan Hall of Science.

This was a very exciting event for my class and I had recently made a music video in a later post showcasing some of the things we did on that day.

Now we are making a mini-documentary of what we did and what we learned that day.

Here is a script of what my mini-documentary will look like:


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